So it begins (almost)

January 16, 2018 - PW20
So it begins (almost)

Now that we’re very much in 2018, it’s getting worryingly real. In July – this July, not next or the July after, THIS July – Adam and I will be starting the Pennine Way for the second time.

I know I’m capable of doing the miles, but I’ve not really had to deal with the kinds of terrain we’ll have to deal with lately. I did some hiking in the Dark Peak (start of the Pennine Way) in November, but it really wasn’t what you could consider ‘extensive’ training. There is still time though. There are still nearly six months to go. But that really is nothing.

As when I walked 200Miles14Days, I’ll be (hopefully) maintaining a blog every day, updating it with photos, progress report and a map of our progress. I will have the added challenge of having to update it via mobile though – considering the countryside we’ll be walking through, signal strength might be an issue.

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