In a Sentimental Mood

December 31, 2017 - Daily Musings
In a Sentimental Mood

Just a couple of hours before 2018 descends upon us. It is just another day, like the previous 365, and like the 365 that lie before us. But, as with most years, 2017 has had it’s ups and downs, and the 31st of December does mark a boundary.

I’ve tried in the past to make and keep New Year’s resolutions. It’s worked, for the first week or so, before life has returned to normal, and the impetus of the New Year has faded. Much as my work in a new exercise book at school was terribly neat for the first few pages, before the enthusiasm dwindled and all I could muster was the bare minimum, presentation and pride in one’s work a distant memory.

I do want to improve myself though. I need to improve myself. I’ll be in a lot of trouble come July if I don’t improve myself. When Adam and I walk the Pennine Way, I need to be at least approaching physically fit. When I walked the Leicestershire Round I wasn’t – to begin with. I certainly was at the end – and yes, I had grand ideas of keeping it going, walking every day. But the handwriting got hurried, the more appealing aspects of life took over, and it was a bare minimum, scrawled mess again. But the Pennines are less forgiving than the Leicestershire ‘bumps’.

2017 then.

It’s been a year of total change – I started a new job in a new place last January. It’s been good in that respect – I’m enjoying the job (as much as I really think anyone can enjoy working for a living – I could be wrong, but that’s how I’ve experienced work at least), and the team are fantastic, my boss is fantastic. I couldn’t ask for more.

The other significant change has been in Scouting. After fifteen years of not missing a single Cub meeting, I’ve only visited the Cub pack once this last half term. I miss the Cubs, I really do. I even miss the responsibility in a strange way. But I certainly could not have carried on leading the pack on top of leading the Scout troop. I shouldn’t have gone on struggling as long as I did without saying anything. It was a painful few weeks while we forcibly sought additional leaders to run the Cubs section, but now, with three new leaders running it, I hope it will continue to strive.

Focus, I think, has been my problem. Or rather, a lack of it. With Scouting I’ve tried to do too much, not giving each item the focus it deserves. With self-improvement focus has been the problem – starting off with a single-minded determination, only to find after, so long, that, I, well… I need to focus more.

If you’ve managed to get this far, I congratulate you, and I wish you all the best for 2018.

Duke Ellington, by the way.