Finding My Mojo Part 3

July 14, 2016 - Daily Musings
Finding My Mojo Part 3

Hello again my old friend, my day is nearly at it’s end.

My day so far in a few words –

I did something very silly again last night – I allowed one small, relatively insignificant thing get under my skin and send me into something of an annoyance spiral. A downward spiral. I allowed it to not only ruin what was left of my evening, but to ruin my morning as well. Very silly.

It was a shame, as I’d had a very pleasant evening up until then – Charnwood leaders meeting, being entertained by a troupe of Morris Men, saying hello to an ex-Scout’s dad, saying hello to an ex-Cub who didn’t remember me, all on a pleasant balmy July evening. I’d even managed to get something to eat and watched Le Tour before going out. Bonus.

So, where am I on finding my elusive mojo? I was just about there last night, before an email ruined it. If I’d taken the water off a duck’s back approach, or, not even checked my email when I got in, it would’ve been fine. Lesson learnt, I think.