Finding My Mojo Part 2

July 13, 2016 - Daily Musings
Finding My Mojo Part 2

After what I said yesterday about feeling miserable when going home from Scouts on occasion, last night was somewhat and very different. Granted, it was already planned, I didn’t have to do a great deal other than turn up, collect money and frown disapprovingly at the Scouts for being too loud, but even so, I felt nothing of the gloominess that dogged me last week. Also granted is the fact that last night was the last meeting before the summer holidays. But more than simply not feeling gloomy, I felt ‘connected’ once more with the troop.

To be honest, I felt so much better after writing the first part of this blog post yesterday. Cathartic, is perhaps the word to be used here. These thoughts have been doing nothing but rattling around inside my head for the last few months with only my other thoughts to keep them company. Anyone who knows me will tell you that I can be quite antisocial at times, so those thoughts didn’t have very good company, and so I’m sure they appreciated being released.

IMG_20150807_101955117In the absence of other photos to accompany this blog, here is one of a cow.

Re-reading my blog posts from last year, I realise how much I miss walking. Another of those things that I ‘really must get around to’. But I think it would definitely help with my current, malaise is perhaps too strong a word. It certainly was a malaise, but not now. To be honest, I was feeling more positive about things shortly before I started writing my post yesterday. I’m now writing these posts to pick over the bones, to make sense of things so that I don’t get myself into the same situation again.

I certainly need to get my head together and be more positive before Charnwood. I think it would be healthy (mentally and physically) for me to get out for a walk or two during the time off work I have coming up next week. I do have various and many tasks to complete in my time off, but something tells me that my time won’t be productively spent if all I do is sit in my home office working for the whole time.

Thank-you for listening 🙂 This really has helped, and I plan to do more of it.