Daily Musings

In a Sentimental Mood
Just a couple of hours before 2018 descends upon us. It is just another day, like the previous 365, and like the 365 that lie before us. But, as with most [...]
I retired from Cubs on Thursday. It was a huge, huge relief that we were able to find new leaders to take the reins. The beginning of the term, when we had [...]
Insane In The Brain
Earworm? You’re welcome. This isn’t going to be a long post, as I’m in need of something to eat, and perhaps more importantly, drink. [...]
Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore
January always used to be a real anticlimax. After Christmas, it was like a very long, slow Monday morning – a necessary evil to get me into the [...]
Top o’ the Morning to Ya
I never get tired of Brownsea Island. Let me rephrase that – I never get bored of Brownsea Island. It’s only a mile and a half long, and half a [...]
The End
So, Charnwood is over. I feel myself missing it now, and eager for the next one. This is direct contrast with how I felt in the weeks leading up to it. [...]
Finding My Mojo Part 4
I think this will be the final part. Mainly because it’s getting tiresome as a title, nothing to do with giving up the search. An update then. Last [...]
Finding My Mojo Part 3
Hello again my old friend, my day is nearly at it’s end. My day so far in a few words – Annoyance Krypton Factor desks Hilarious old (not so [...]
Finding My Mojo Part 2
After what I said yesterday about feeling miserable when going home from Scouts on occasion, last night was somewhat and very different. Granted, it was [...]
Finding My Mojo Part 1
It’s been quite some time again since my last post here, and, again, I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time, but just haven’t got [...]